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When donating, please ensure that you include your in-game name in the comment field of Paypal or message AncientLotus on Discord.

Below is a list of thank you perks for our ARK: Survival Evolved Servers.

This list represents the best thank you packages that can be offered to our supporters in-game without having a pay-to-win model.

NOTE: This perk list is only for ARK: Survival Evolved Servers, and doesnt not extend to A:SA.

Tek Door Pack 1

10 Tek Doors

2 Tek Dino Gates

Tek Door Pack 2

15 Tek Doors

5 Tek Dino Gates

2 Tek Behemoth Gates

Tek Door Pack 3

20 Tek Doors

10 Tek Dino Gates

5 Tek Behemoth Gates

Ultimate Tek Door

40 Tek Doors

20 Tek Dino Gates

10 Tek Behemoth Gates

Security Pack 1

1 Keypad

1 Generator + Cables

4 Outlets

2 Vaults

Security Pack 2

2 Keypads

2 Generators + Cables

8 Outlets

5 Vaults

Security Pack 3

10 Vaults

20 Tek Dedicated Storage

Security Pack 1

Ultimate Security

20 Tek Doors

10 Tek Dino Gates

10 Tek Behemoth Gates

Security Pack 3

Breeder Pack 1

1 Egg Incubator

1 Refrigerator

10 Cryopods

1 Dino Leash

Breeder Pack 2

2 Egg Incubators

3 Refrigerator

30 Cryopods

1 Cryofridge

2 Dino Leash

Ultimate Breeder

3 Egg Incubators

5 Refrigerator

72 Cryopods

3 Cryofridge

2 Dino Leash

Chibi Pack

1 Chibi of Your Choice

Cryo Pack 1

20 Cryopods

Cryo Pack 2

25 Cryopods

1 Cryofridge

Ultimate Cryo

72 Cryopods

3 Cryofridges

Emote Pack

3 Emotes of Your Choice

V-Day Vanity Pack

Bow & Eros Skin

Heart-shaped Shield

Cupid Couture Set

Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Eggcellent Vanity Pack

Sweet Spear Carrot Skin

Chocolate Rabbit Club

Bunny Ears + Tail

Bunny Costume

Summer '21 Vanity Pack

Water Soaker Skin

Inflatable Rex Costume Skin

Grilling Spatula Skin

Sunglasses + Retro Sunglasses Skin

Fear 5 Vanity Pack

Skeleton Costume Skin

Headless Costume Skin

Strawman Costume Skin

Turkey Trial Vanity Pack

Pitchfork Skin

Turkey Leg Skin

Bonnet + Pilgram Hat

Tukey Hat Skin

WinterWonderland Vanity Pack

Felt Reindeer Antlers Skin

Nutcracker Slingshot Skin

Santa Costume Skin

Santa Hat Skin Skin

Player Vanity Pack 1

Any 3 Holiday Swimsuit

Any 3 Holiday Shirt Skins

Any 2 Weapon Skins

Player Vanity Pack 2

Any 2 Hairstyles

Any 2 Facial Hairstyles

1 Emote

Player Vanity Pack 3

Any 3 Hairstyles

Any 3 Facial Hairstyles

3 Emote

Ugly Sweater Pack

Any 5 Ugly Sweaters

ARKaeology Dino Pack

Brachiosaurus Costume

Stygimoloch Costume

Styracosaurus Costume

Dino Vanity Pack

3 Bone Costumes

3 Saddle Skins

3 Ghost Costumes

Dino Recoloring

1 Dino Recolor by the Admin

Mastercraft Saddle BP

A random stat roll on a Mastercraft Saddle Blueprint for a dino of your choosing.


Your consideration of donating is greatly appreciated! Note that donating does not mean you are now above rules, the admin, other players, or general manners.

You are donating to ensure the continued support of this server and because you enjoy the perks, benefits, general gameplay, or AGS community.

Donating does not mean you will decide how the server operates or who is banned/allowed. Breaking rules can and will result in Kicks/Bans despite donation amount or status.

Perks do not roll over with server wipes unless stated by AncientlLotus or were made within 45 days of a server wipe.

Previous donations do not stack with future contributions unless stated by AncientLotus.

All transactions are individual and final.