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Server Settings

  1. 4.5 x Taming
  2. 4.5 x Harvesting
  3. 4.5 x XP
  4. 7.5 x Maturation
  5. 0.33 x Mating interval
  6. 5 x Hatching
  7. 0.125 x Cuddle Interval
  8. 4 x Imprinting
  1. 4.5 x Taming
  2. 4.5 x Harvesting
  3. 4.5 x XP
  4. 10 x Maturation
  5. 0.30 x Mating interval
  6. 10 x Hatching
  7. 0.125 x Cuddle Interval
  8. 4 x Imprinting
  1. 4.5 x Taming
  2. 4.5 x Harvesting
  3. 4.5 x XP
  4. 7.5 x Maturation
  5. 0.33 x Mating interval
  6. 5 x Hatching
  7. 0.125 x Cuddle Interval
  8. 4 x Imprinting
  9. 2 x Hex Reward

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  1. 2.5 x Taming
  2. 2.5 x Harvesting
  3. 2.5 x XP
  4. 5 x Maturation
  5. 0.33 x Mating interval
  6. 0.3125 x Cuddle Interval
  7. 2.5 x Hatching
  8. 1 x Imprinting

ARK Events

  1. 5 x Taming
  2. 5 x Harvesting
  3. 5 x XP
  4. 10.0 x Maturation
  5. 0.30 x Mating interval
  6. 10 x Hatching
  7. 5 x Imprinting
  8. 2 x Hex Reward

Extra Info

Last Wipe: June 2020

Mods: None


Platform: Steam & Epic

Difficulty: Default(x5)

Wild Creature Level Cap: Default 150 (Tek-180)

Tame Level Cap: +88 (from level tamed)

Corpse Timer: x2

Imprint timers are 2 1/2 hours.

Structure Locking: Enabled

Structures are always able to be picked up.

Tribe Warfare: Enabled

Spawn Animations: Off

Respecs: Unlimited

Max Dinos per Map: 7500

Tribe-Members can Imprint: True

Structure Auto Decay: Enabled

Structure Auto Decay: x3

Dino Auto Decay: Enabled

Structure Collision: Enabled

Stack Size: x2.5

Platform Saddle Max Structures: x5

Titanosaurs can be permanent tames (Must be fed manually)


Last Login: July 2022, by AncientLotus


The Rule List is a generalized guideline for the conduct of players while playing on AGS servers. The list is not definitive and may be amended at any time by the owner.
AGS will attempt to communicate any changes to the community.
At any time, the admin may ask a tribe to move their base location for the needs of the server. Any tribe refusing to move or attempting to grief/troll/argue with the admin will be removed from AGS.
Players who are unsure about rules, please get in touch with AncientLotus via DM in our Discord.
Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in the removal of structures, creatures, or can result in a Global Ban from AGS servers.


Hacking, exploiting glitches, or anything that will disrupt the server's performance or the enjoyability of other players will result in a global ban.

Players and tribes shall not discuss or share any game exploit.

AGS does not tolerate disrespect

Being disrespectful to other players or admin will result in a global ban.
Including but not limited to: racist remarks, bullying, profuse swearing in chat, unwanted political chat (Keep political topics off the servers!), refusing to leave a player's property when asked to do so, general trolling, harassment, and immaturity.

Player and Tribe Conduct

These are PUBLIC PVE Servers. When playing on an AGS server, please understand that the servers are shared and open to all players. Your actions as a tribe and player should reflect this spirit.

  • PVP actions are limited to Tribe-Warfare ONLY
  • Any PVP activity, including theft or tampering with player tames, is not permitted and will result in a global ban.
  • Players or tribes found to be trying to monopolize events or missions will be removed from the server for a minimum of 48 hours. This rule extends to any special event initiated by ARK (e.g., WinterWonderland, Fear Evolved)
  • Direct Message AncientLotus on our Discord for any player disputes
  • Servers are 18+

Steam, Player, and Tribe names

Players should consider the following when creating names:

  • Names should not be profane, vulgar, or offensive in nature.
  • Players named Human, 123, or any other general name will be renamed to their steam name by the admin.
  • Players with vulgar or offensive Steam names will be removed.
  • All players are required to make or join a tribe.
  • Failure to make a tribe within 48 hours will result in a ban until the player messages the admin.
  • Tribe names must be consistent across all maps.

Building and Structures

Players should consider the following when building structures:

  • No structure spamming. Any structure spamming outside a tribe's base area will result in a tribe-structure wipe.
  • Taming traps must be removed after use.
  • "Public" traps or pens are not permitted.*
  • Do not build within render range of other player bases.
  • Major In-Game Features

  • No structures within 5 degrees of Obelisks.

  • No structures within 2 degrees of Artifact Caves. (excluding bedrolls)

  • Structures should not block or inhibit pathways or waterways in any way.
  • Structures should not extend shore to shore in waterways, even if raft access is possible.
  • Do not Build on or near Genesis1 Teleport Locations
  • Players shall always keep a 2-degree radius away from Genesis-1 teleport locations. Any structures within this radius are subject to deletion without warning.
  • No structures within 3 degrees on Mission Pads/Beacons
  • SANCTUARY (Extinction)

  • No structures within 1 degree of city terminals
  • Due to Element Dust's value, Sanctuary buildings can be no larger than a total area of 15 x 15. (Including Dino Area) Players must pay extra attention to detail when choosing a location in Sanctuary. Do not be surprised if the admin asks you to move or change your outpost.
  • Player, Creature, and Resource Spawns

  • Do not build on or near player spawn locations
  • Bases and outposts must remain 3 degrees away from major resource areas. Any structure found too close to resource locations will be removed without warning.
  • Mining/Forging/Teleport outposts near heavy resource areas are not permitted. (See above)
  • Do not build near major creature spawn areas
  • NO BUILD areas include but are not limited to The Volcano(Island), metal/obsidian/crystal mountains, Penguin isles/areas, Silica Pearl concentrations, Carno Isle(Island), Viking Bay(Rag)**, Beaver Damn Spawns.
  • ANY structures near or made without regard for spawn points will be tribe wiped, and owners removed.


Tribes and players will ensure their tames are not disrupting the server or other players.

The following may result in the deletion of a tame:

  • Leaving tames at Obelisks, Mission Pads, City Terminals
  • Leaving tames in caves, or any other high-traffic area
  • Leaving tames at resource areas.
  • Leaving tames at other players' bases
  • Leaving tames on aggressive or neutral and not penned or dino leashed at a base.
  • Leaving tames in tunnels, cave entrances, or any other point of access

* 1 (One) Public trap is allowed to be placed per map on Wyvern maps for milking.

** Veteran, High Guardian, and Grand Survivor Ranks Only

ARK Disclaimer

Server Settings & Mod Policy

Please refrain from requesting changes to server settings or the addition of new mods. Adjustments are made as necessary to align with new game mechanics or updates from the Official ARK servers.

Lost Items & Creatures

ARK's unpredictability, Admin availability, and the goal of preserving a near-Official server experience mean that AGS does not typically replace, track, retrieve, or recover items or creatures lost due to game bugs, glitches, updates, server or player errors.

Replacements may occur only if losses result directly from actions taken by AncientLotus.