AGS Mission Statement

Alliance Gamings Servers mission is to provide a stable home for game servers and their communities. We aim to provide vanilla or close to default servers, without the use of mods, or exaggerated rates.
Provide Games as they are Intended to be Played.

About AGS

Since 2016, Alliance Gaming Servers has been the representation of how a game server should be run and maintained.  Fast and direct contact with the admin, has always been one of the keys to AGS's success. Always available for direct messaging, the owner of AGS, AncientLotus, ensures fast response times to problems, and a zero-tolerance policy for rulebreaking ensures fair and competitive servers.  Combining an always active and present administration staff, with some of the best hardware available, AGS sets the standard for unofficial game servers.
Unlike most other game servers, AGS does not run off rented game servers like Nitrado or, that not only pack as many renters as possible onto one dedicated server, but can also limit the control admins have over uploads, downloads, and often general gameplay. AGS goes a step further by running a full dedicated server, from a data center.   This gives AGS full control over any and every aspect of running a game server, in addition to being in full control over dedicated server resources. Lowered pings, smoother gameplay, decreased lagging and rubberbanding (verses rented game servers), staff support, and a constant drive to offer the best service possible, is what the players of AGS have come to expect when we run a game server.
Alliance Gaming Servers truly is... Your Official Home for Unofficial Servers.
Below is some additional info about servers, and about AGS.

Game Server

- A program designed to allow the hosting of a game and connection of clients (players) in a seamless virtual environment. Game servers must be hosted from a PC or dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

- A PC primarily designed with more RAM and CPU with less or no GPU versus a PC. These PC are often run with special versions of an operating system, such as Windows Server 2016. Dedicated servers are often held in professional data centers which have access to much faster internet connection speeds that are not normally commercially available.

Rented Game Server

- A game server in which the owner/admin typically does not have full access to the full dedicated server the game server is being hosted on, often being limited to only access certain parts of a game servers files. Renters often have a GUI console which controls basic functions of the game server such as, restarts, updates, mods, and file access,

  • AGS Owner: AncientLotus
  • Server IP:

    • Dedicated Server
      Intel Xeon E-2186G processor (six physical 3.8ghz cores + hyperthreading + turbo->4.7ghz
      64 GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory
      1000 GB SSD
      Internap bandwidth
      Windows Server 2019
      ARK Server Manager
      Custom Scripts

    • Website
      GNU/Linux server
      Bootstrap 4
      Atom IDE
      Koala (SASS and CSS compiler)
      Lets Encrypt! SSL Cert

      This website was written in full by AncientLotus.