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AGS Mission Statement:

Alliance Gamings Servers' mission is to provide a stable home for game servers and their communities.

We aim to deliver vanilla or close to default servers without using mods or excessive rates.

Games as they are intended to be played.


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About AGS


Founded in 2016 and based out of Silicon Valley, California, Alliance Gaming Servers has become a standard for unofficial game servers.

Quality hardware is at the start of AGS. Unlike most servers, AGS does not rent pre-installed game servers from companies that pack many servers on a machine.

Instead, we use full dedicated servers hosted in data centers and install game servers from scratch. This gives AGS complete control over server resources and files and allows for many more features to the games we host, in addition to having the net access and support of a data center.

Programs are vital accessories to our server group. Our hardware allows for many quality-of-life things to happen behind the scenes. A few features AGS has to offer are discord bots, dynamic rate changes, automatic updates, and global ban lists.

Admin responsiveness and communication are the last critical parts of AGS. Problems assisted with and Rules enforced are done not only with swiftness but with communication and tact. Players are encouraged to report any problems or issues via DM in Discord to the admin.

A combination of quality hardware, vanguard programming, and an attentive and dedicated admin has cultivated an amazing and supportive community. Player reports, discussions, donations, events, and assistance to other players have all contributed to keeping Alliance Gaming Servers maintained and running for almost six years!!

Recently AGS broke its new map player login record with over 650 player logins within the first 48 hours of the ARK: Fjordur map!


Thank you to all Alliance Gaming Server players!



AGS Owner/Admin: AncientLotus


Dedicated Server:

Intel Xeon E-2186G processor (six physical 3.8ghz cores + hyperthreading + turbo->4.7ghz

64 GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory

1000 GB SSD

Windows Server 2019

ARK Server Manager

Custom Scripts



Ubuntu 18.04/Linux Server


Tailwind CSS

Daisy UI


Atom IDE



This website was designed and written in full by AncientLotus.

Special thank you to Jono and Tuxy, for all the help and advice.