Server 1-PVE


Thank You to all the supporters of AGS!

Well, the servers that you play on are owned and ran by players as a courtesy for other players. These servers, and sometimes the licensing with it (for 3rd Party applications), is paid for and maintained by the Admin or Server Owner. Donating will help make sure a server is funded and will be running for as long as you log in. Any donations made to Alliance Gaming Servers, are used directly for the upkeep of the Dedicated Server and nothing else. Donations also help AGS expand! When enough players have donated to AGS, we start looking into how we can open new servers and start expanding. Remember, AGS does NOT run on RENTED game servers, but instead rents a DEDICATED Server and HOSTS Game Servers. Thusly, any and all donations are GREATLY appreaciated.
Check out our AGS INFORMATION PAGE, to learn why AGS is the Standard for Unofficial Servers.
Thank you for your consideration to donate! Note that donating does not mean you are now above rules, admins, other players, or general manners.
You are donating to ensure the continued support of this server and because you enjoy the perks, benefits and general gameplay, and community of the server.
This does not mean you will decide how the server is ran or who is banned/allowed.
Breaking rules can and will result in Kicks/Bans despite donation amount or status.