Any player found hacking, exploiting glitches, attempting to lag the server, tamper or alter anything in any way that will disrupt the performance of the server or the enjoyability of other players will be permanently banned, and added to the Global Ban List with a descriptive message of your actions.
Just don't do it. It's not worth your time, you will not affect my servers or players in any longterm sense, and I promise I'm better at being an admin than you are at using your hacking program written by someone else. You are nothing more than a minor inconvenience

No Abusive, threatening, or harrassing language.
This includes but is not limited to threats, bullying, profuse swearing in chat, unwanted political chat (Keep politics off the server!), defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.

This is a PVE server. PVP actions will not be tolerated and will result in a kick/ban.

Player Tames are NOT to be touched.
Once again these are PVE servers. Any player found tampering with another players tames, IN ANY WAY, will recieve a full ban.

No pillar or foundation spamming.
This is a PVE server with an active and available admin. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE AT ALL should any player or tribe pillar or foundation spam. Anyone found spamming will will have their entire tribes structures deleted.

Do not build in the vicinity of other players.
All players should be given the chance and respect to be able to build and expand their base, without the worry of another tribe building within their space. Players found to be blocking the area of another tribe will be banned and deleted.

All players are required to make or join a tribe.
This is to help you keep track of your base and tames, but mainly it allows the admin to help with problems easier and faster.

Do not leave unattended dinos on aggressive/neutral.
At no point should a player log off, or leave the server with tames that are set to agressive. This is highly disruptive to the map and to other players. This includes wandering dinos who are set on neutral. Tames who are on neutral/agressive/or on wandering for harvesting, protection or any other reason, MUST be contained within a pen, or building or the owner must be online and near the tame. Any tames found in the wild unattened, not near a base, that are on neutral or agressive will be deleted.

Do not Build on Starter Locations and Islands
Tribes and Players should not begin building where they spawn into the game. Tribes who are found intentionally blocking spawn points for players, will be banned. If your structure is not intentionally blocking off an area, and traps another person, access ouside will be made in the structure by the admin and you will be asked to move.

Players must remove ALL spike walls AND Taming Pens after your tame has finished.
"Public" traps are not to be set up, and locked traps are not to be left in the world.

Excessive tunneling outside of a tribes common area is not allowed.
Tribe should limit mining and tunneling operation to their base area.

This is not a definitive list and these rules may be added to or amended at anytime, by the owner, either verbally, through in-game chat, Discord, website updates, or through any other means of communication, for the health, need, or good of the server or will or need of the server owner. At anytime a clan may be asked to my their base location for needs of the server. Any clan refusing to move or attempting to grief/troll/argue with the admin will be removed from the server.