• Gamepedia - A primary source of information for all things ARK. Dossiers, taming info, item info, Explorer Notes and much more.

  • Dododex - A great source for taming and dino information. Perfect for fast references and detailed taming information.

  • Sapeko You Tube - A member of AGS making videos on the various ascpects of ARK.

Server Tips

  • Trilobites are great when first starting off! They give chitin, oil, pearls, and even black pearls on occasion.
  • Spiked barriers are great for protecting early bases, but ensure to demolish them when your tame is finished.
  • All tames are weak when first tamed. Level them up to see their true potential.
  • If you want a high level mob and only low level are around, purge the area for a better chance of high level mobs.
  • Tame dodos and dilos, and make a farm as soon as possible to get kibble for flyers and harvesters.
  • This cluster does not auto lock, pin-code everything possible.
  • When laying water lines: Always start at the END POINT of where you need your water (Greenhouse, Kitchen, industrical Cooker, etc) then run pipes from your taps or crafting station to the mont source (River, lake, well, etc). This will ensure pipes works correctly, are exactly where you need them, and will create better aesthetics.