Any player found hacking, exploiting glitches, attempting to lag the server, tamper or alter anything in any way that will disrupt the performance of the server or the enjoyability of other players will be permanently banned, and added to the Global Ban List with a descriptive message of your actions.
Just don't do it. It's not worth your time, you will not affect my servers or players in any longterm sense, and I promise I'm better at being an admin than you are at using your hacking program written by someone else. You are nothing more than a minor inconvenience

These are primarily PVE servers. PVP actions are limited to Tribe-Warfare ONLY. Any other actions will not be tolerated and will result in a ban This includes stealing from other players or tribes.

No Abusive, threatening, or harrassing language.
Being disrespectful to other players will result in a kick or ban. This includes but is not limited to racist remarks, bullying, profuse swearing in chat, unwanted political chat (Keep politics off the server!), refusing to leave a players property when asked to do so, spawn blocking, spiking of areas to prevent new players from joining or playing.

Player Tames are NOT to be touched.
Once again these are PVE servers. Any player found tampering with other players tames, IN ANY WAY, will receive a ban.

No pillar or foundation spamming.
This is a PVE server with an active and available admin. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE AT ALL should any player or tribe pillar or foundation spam. Settings are used to clean up pillars. Anyone found spamming will be banned and your items/tames will be given away, or deleted.

Players must remove ALL spike walls AND Taming Pens after your tame has finished.
"Public" traps are not to be set up, and locked traps are not to be left in the world. Failure to remove traps repeatedly or placing disruptive traps that inhibits the environment or other players will result in a tribe structure wipe. Tribes who are found repeatedly leaving spikes and disruptive traps in the world will be added to a list on Discord. Upon Recieving 3 strikes, the tribe will we structure wiped.

Do not build in the vicinity of other players.
All players should be given the chance and respect to be able to build and expand their base, without the worry of another tribe building within their space. Players found to be blocking the area of another tribe will be banned and deleted.

All players are required to make or join a tribe.
This is to help you keep track of your base and tames, but mainly it allows the admin to help with problems easier and faster.

Players should not name themselves Human, 123, or any other general name.
Players will be renamed to thier Steam name. Players found to be doing this in a malicious intent, with be removed.

Tribes Names should be consistent across all maps.
To avoid clutter and confusion and for ease of admin services, Tribes must have the same name across all servers. Having multiple tribe names can lead to a 48 hour ban.

Do Not Block Resources or Dino Spawns
Any bases found to be attempting to block off, section off, prevent respawning, or restrict access to resources or dinos, will be deleted and the player or Tribe may be subject to a ban. NO BUILD areas include but are not limited to Volcano, metal mountains, Penguin isles/areas, Silica Pearl concentrations, Viking Bay(Ragnarok) **, Crystal concentrations, resource tree roots(Genesis). Mining outposts are not permitted near heavy resource areas.

Do not Build on or near Player Spawn Locations
Tribes and Players should not begin building where they spawn into the game. Tribes who are found intentionally blocking spawn points for players, will be banned. If your structure is not intentionally blocking off an area, and traps another person, access outside will be made in the structure by the admin and you will be asked to move.

Do not Build on or near Genesis Teleport Locations
Players shall keep a 1 degree radius clear of the teleports at all times. Any structures within this radius are subject to delete without warning.

Do not block access to Explorer Notes or Glitches(Genesis).
Any structure found to be blocking other players access to an Explorer Note or Glitch, will be deleted. Players may build around Notes, but clear and visible access must be provided.

Do not build on or Near the Obelisks or City Terminals*.
At no time should a player build any structure (ex: foundations with beds, storage facilities, shacks etc...) on or in the greater vicinity of any Obelisk or City Terminals*. There must be a large clear radius (5 degrees in all directions from the center of Ob.) around all the Obelisks. Bases must we well beyond a turrets HIGH range for City Terminals*. A Tribes bases should not seem as if the Obelisk or City Terminal* has became that bases personal transfer or monument.

Do not leave unattended dinos on aggressive/neutral.
At no point should a player log-off, or leave the server with tames that are set to aggressive. This is highly disruptive to the map and other players. This includes wandering dinos who are set on neutral. Tames who are on neutral/aggressive/or on wandering for harvesting, protection or any other reason, MUST be contained within a pen, or building or the owner must be online and near the tame. Any tames found in the wild unattended, not near a base, that is on neutral or aggressive will result in a Tribe-wide dino wipe.

Tribes may only tame Titans once per week, and may only have up to 2 at once.*
To clarify: This means a tribe is allowed to tame all 3 titans but must wait until the following week (IRL) before they may tame them again. This is to ensure all tribes on the server have access and time with the Titans.
Titans are allowed to be transferred off of the server.
However this still counts as the tribe weekly tame.

Players should not run missions back to back when other are waiting.
If a que is forming at a mission players will run 1 (one) mission and then surrender the mission to the next player. Players may then go to the end of the que to repeat the mission. Players or TRIBES found to be trying to monopolize events will be removed from the server for a minimum of 48 hours.


Sanctuary is a difficult place to try and make rules for. It is a valuable place for resources and building, as it offers protection from meteors and Element dust which is critical for End Game progression. Please bear in mind these rules will be further clarified as time progress in the game. If you are ever unsure about something, PLEASE feel free to ask the admin, through Discord or one of the other various forms of contact.
Buildings in Sanctuary are limited to Outposts no larger than 5x5 with a total area of 10 x10
The only way to try and protect the many resources which are the most valuable in the entire game is to GREATLY limit the amount of buidling that can be done in the area. The map contains a great amount of land and places to build the main base. This map is also considered an end game map, and therefore may and should require extra resources to protect and maintain, and requires players to be more venturous in their building locations. The cluster offers 6 maps for players to build and play on, and thusly we feel we can limit the building on one particular area of one of the maps to ensure its stability.

Players must pay extra attention to detail when choosing a location in Sancutary.
Element is precious and vital. Players will strive to protect EVERY SINGLE lampost, bench, or any other element bearing node. Do not be surprised if the Admin asks you to move or change your outpost.

* Applies to Extinction Only
** Permission must be obtained from the admin to build in Viking Bay. This will only be considered for Veteran AGS players.

Failure to read this rule list is not an excuse and will not grant leniency or special consideration. This is not a definitive list and these rules may be added to or amended at any time, by the owner, either verbally, through in-game chat, Discord, website updates, or through any other means of communication, for the health, need, or good of the server or will or need of the server owner. At any time a tribe may be asked to move their base location for the needs of the server. Any tribe refusing to move or attempting to grief/troll/argue with the admin will be removed from the server.