Server Features

  • Included Maps

    The Island - Scorched Earth - Aberration - Extinction - The Center - Ragnarok
  • Full Travel Between Maps

    Players have full access to travel to and from any server, and may bring items and dinos with them!
  • Tribe-Warfare

    PVE servers with a twist. Tribes may mutually agree upon PVP!
  • Greatly Increased Rates

    With faster than average rates, players can build and tame more, faster!
  • Weekly Events

    Custom Evolution Events mimicing the Official Evolution Events, Every Weekend!
  • Automatic Updates

    Servers automatically update when a mod update or ARK patch is released. Never be locked out of your favorite server again!
  • Discord

    Open Admin Contact | Voice and Text Channel | Game Role Assignment | Admin Annoucements
  • Bi-Monthly maintanance

    Usually performed at 0000 PST on the 1st and 15th of the month.

  • * Servers check for updates once per hour. Please ensure you have restarted your game and steam so that you have recieved any updates on your side.
    Story Maps
    Official Non Story maps