About Me

Yo yo! I'm AncientLotus, owner/operator of AGS. I started AGS in Dec 2016 as a place for a friend and me to have a constant place to play, that we knew would be running when we needed it. Slowly players started to join, and of course, so did issues with the game. Being that this was where I play my game, I didn't want any problems with my server. Time to learn. Little by little and code by code AGS started to grow as a community. Turns out players like an admin who handles problems and maintains decent servers, huh who knew? Starting with just a single 8 player server, fast forward a couple of years and a few thousand players later, AGS is now one of the largest unofficial server communities. As a stay at home dad, I can dedicate most of my time to AGS.
I would like to say that I run AGS solo, but that wouldn't be true. I may be the only admin and I handle everything from running and maintaining the servers, discord, and website, to player disputes, donations, and events, but the players are my best help. Without player reports and the active community, AGS has become, I would never be able to run AGS as efficiently as I feel it has been maintained. So from me a great Thank You for making Alliance Gaming Servers.
A few extra things about me: I have 3 kids (2 girls 1 boy), and a German Shepherd. I am a super passionate home cook and love to talk about food anytime. Although I am living in California, I am originally from Louisiana (for those wondering about the accent,). Outside of gaming and AGS, I am usually cooking for my family or just generally spending time with them. Streaming has also recently become a passion of mine.  Below you can find an embed to my Twitch channel, where i am often streaming from an AGS server.  So there is a bit of info about me, grab a Gryphon and some health potions, and lets ride together, FOR THE ALLIANCE!

Lotus Fun Fact: Lotus' greeting of "Yo yo" comes from the fact the he was a professional, and still an avid yo-yo player.